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Homeowners Insurance

Our homes are almost always our biggest asset.  Protecting your investment in your home is one of the smartest things you can do.  At Severson Insurance, we have countless options to serve your very specific needs.  Many people do not realize the enormous benefits that homeowners insurance provides.  Here is just a small sampling of what our homeowner’s insurance policies can do for you:

  • Coverage to cover the cost of rebuilding your home
  • The contents of your home - many people do not realize until its too late the enormous amount of personal property they own.  Homeowner’s insurance allows you to keep your most prized possessions safe.
  • General liability - in today’s litigious society, you never know when someone may sue you for slipping on your property.  Most policies include some measure of liability protection.
  • Do you have kids in college?  Many of our homeowners policies cover the contents of their dorm rooms when they are away, saving you from having to buy another policy for them

Renters Insurance

Many people assume that only property owners need insurance.  What they do not realize in almost all circumstances, renters are left on the hook for personal property damaged in a rental.  Our renter’s coverage gives you the peace of mind that whatever happens, your prized possessions will be protected.  Furthermore, renters insurance provides you with liability protection in many cases. 

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